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Products and services:

Dont hesitate to call, email or contact us via facebook if you require any of our products or services. Of course, local delivery is free.


Tamworth pork available to order.

Only £4per kilo for whole/half pig inc head. Offal is free with whole pig. Great to cut yourself, try out charcuterie or bbq.

Butchery, bacon and sausages extra, charged by the kg. Phenominal value for a top quality product.


Pedigree Tamworth weaners for sale.

Birth notified piglets £50 ea, Can register top quality boars or gilts for breeding at extra cost.

a cph number is a must to purchase but easy to obtain. We can hold piglets for as long as you require for a negotiated price.



DIY . easy gas or adventurous charcoal/wood. you decide. We can supply and mount a Hog or Lamb onto our commercial grade roasters, deliver and set up or just deliver the machine if you want to cook one of your own beasts. From only £150 !!


Mixed seasoned Firewood.

Mostly cut from windblown trees in our woods and hedges , these include Ash, Oak, hazel, Walnut and more, cut and split to your requirements. Local delivery is free. Price depending on load size eg 800mm square bag (ton bag) £60. Hi capacity landrover pick up nicely rounded £120

Mention this website and get a free bag of kindling


Free range geese .

We rear geese for the Christmas holiday table, We feed quality wheat and maize as well as lots of apples so they are great eating at only £10.50kg!

Goose eggs available in laying season £1.50 ea


Back yard chickens

We love to find good homes for our girls after they have laid such lovely eggs for us, they are very tame and always happy to see people. At only £2 each it will be no time before the lovely fresh eggs more than pay for them. Up to 200 available yearly. We can even supply bags of food for them.


Local contracting

We can offer with tractor loader, single leg mole water pipe laying, mowing, muck heap removal with tipper trailer, hedge cutting, pulverising mulching undergrowth, Parmitter fence post knocker, flat harrow and rolling. With 3t digger, Post hole augering up to 12", tree stump grinding 

Fresh, real free range eggs always available from our gate and for delivery.

Only £1 for half dozen, £5 per tray. We are not eggist and include all shapes and sizes, they generally come out quite large like eggs used to be ! Graded and stamped eggs available to trade.

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