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Partners Tony and Rebecca, are committed to ethically produced quality free range eggs both chicken and goose, Rare breed Tamworth pork, Rare breed Sussex chicken for meat and geese around Christmas time. Rebecca runs the small holding on a day to day basis in delightful Doddington, Kent.

We are registered with AHVLA as both an egg production and packing site and the British pig association as pedigree pork producers. rather than feed our animals small amounts of boring bland pellets we feed a lot of fruit, veg and grains which enrich the animals diet and make the eggs and meat extra tasty. we probably get through a ton of apples a month which when in season we pick up from local orchards and probably more cracked boiled barley. we try to enrich our animals diets by harvesting seasonal treats for them such as elder berries, acorns, sweet chestnuts etc

What looks more appetising?

 A ration of pignuts for half a day on left and a typical half day feed bucket for our pigs on right...

We make all the animals time at our holding as happy as possible giving them as near to there natural environment as we can. Both the free range chicken areas have lots of trees and greenery and the pigs enjoy snuffling around in the woods.

We welcome people to come visit by appointment especially when we have piglets for you to coo over 


Our Location below

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